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ORCHIDS: Orchid Care

Many of our customers have orchids that are 15 or 20 years old. With some attention, you, too, can enjoy an orchid in your home for many years.

When watering orchids, think "tropical rainstorm" and allow the water to cascade over the planting medium from top to bottom, pouring out the bottom of the pot. Morning is the best time for your watering routine.

Check with us for re-potting your plants. The medium should be changed every two years and usually the orchid plant can go back into the same pot. Please call before bringing you orchid plant in for repotting to be sure someone is available to re pot for you.

With a little attention, orchids can become a long-lived addition to your plant collection. Ask us for reliable regional advice on growing these elegant beauties.

Care Sheets

For more care information specific to each variety, care sheets are listed below courtesy of American Orchid Society. These sheets include tips on light, temperature, watering, hunidity, fertilization, and potting.