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8 Route 24 (Rt 513)
Chester, NJ 07930

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Greenhouses and Exquisite Floristry ~ Chester, NJ

ABOUT: Overview

Stony Hill Gardens opened in 1988 with a focus that began in cut flower orchids has grown and evolved into pot plant production. We currently have five greenhouses in year-round production and 40 acres of land on which hay, grain, corn, apples, cattle and pumpkins are grown.

We offer a full-service floral shop, a wide selection of beautiful orchids, hibiscus and other tender perennials. In the spring and summer, you�ll find flowering bulbs, pansies, azaleas, geraniums, and a wide selection of other annuals and perennials. During the fall, you can enjoy a hayride and pick-your-own pumpkins, plus our stunning mums. For Christmas, our greenhouses are full of our fabulous poinsettias. People come from far and wide just for our poinsettias as well as our precut Christmas trees, wreaths and roping. And don�t forget your Boxwood Tree!

A Friendly Family Business

We are the Davis family, your local farm family: Carol and Dale Davis III and our three children, Dale IV, Kaitlyn and Brandt. Stony Hill Gardens and our second location, Stony Hill Farm Market, are truly family affairs. Providing friendly, excellent service to you is also our priority.

Dale is the orchid expert, and he oversees most of the general farm operations. He also attends most of the Tailgate Markets in the summer. Carol is our primary baker, and she also oversees Stony Hill Farm Market and our educational field trips.

Our children and their families are also involved at Stony Hill. To find out more about them and their roles, please visit our Staff page.

We�re also assisted by an excellent crew of people, including Floral Manager Joan Studley and Plant Person Carole Stober.


Our story all began when Carol's parents bought the 40 acres where Stony Hill Gardens is currently located. As a child, Carol had a great love for and interest in farm life. Her family rented out their land to other farmers who grew hay on it. Carol�s family was then able to harvest and keep this hay. In exchange, her family would help the farmers when needed. When one of the farmers went on vacation, Carol was asked to milk the cows for three weeks. Three weeks turned into three years because the farmer was so impressed with how well the cows responded to her. Milk production went up dramatically! When it was time for her to attend college, she continued her milking job and worked for an orchid wholesaler.

Since he was a child growing up in Illinois, Dale has been interested in cut flowers. His early exposure to agriculture came from his father, who operated a grain elevator. After his family moved to Princeton, NJ, he attended Delaware Valley College and received his bachelor�s degree for Ornamental Horticulture in 1980.

After Carol and Dale were married in 1980, they decided to open their own greenhouse business and took the steps needed to do so after their graduation. Dale had worked throughout college at Starkes, an orchid wholesaler in Pennsylvania. After Starkes closed its doors due to its founder�s passing, they generously gave Dale three of their greenhouses and a collection of orchids that he transported to Chester, NJ. Carol took two semesters of floral design at Mercer County Community College and started her florist work by doing wedding arrangements in the basement of their home.

Our Invitation to You

We invite you to visit us in lovely Chester, New Jersey. We have 18,000 square feet of greenhouses for you to explore. During all four seasons, our garden benches are overflowing with gorgeous plants. Wander through the greenhouses and outside. Be sure to check on the progress of our new display gardens. Like your gardens at home, our garden is a work in progress.

If you�re looking for fun farm activities to enjoy with your family, be sure to visit our other location, Stony Hill Farm Market. That�s where we have our fall corn maze, Easter Bunny Bonanza and more.

We hope to see you soon!
Dale and Carol Davis


We are proud to be members of the following:

Chester Historic Business Association
Morris County Board of Agriculture
New Jersey Agricultural Society
New Jersey Farm Bureau
North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association